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Image by Adrian Swancar

Featured Clients

Sustainable, local, quality, bold, agency gurus, women-owned. Those are just some of the adjectives that describe some of my past clients where I have been tapped for my illustrative and graphic design skills. If you're ready to take your brand to the next level with custom content, or need some extra help with everyday design. 
Reach out and let's get started.


Purely Elizabeth

Illustrating with a lux granola brand


This health forward and lifestyle influenced brand is a brand leader in converting online engagement to sales. I have selected a couple excerpts of projects to showcase just some of the work I have been contracted to do. When the opportunity came up to be a part of the creative department at Purely Elizabeth granola, I could not have guessed how creative and diverse it would be. Working under the Creative Director, I have helped create icons, gifs, product illustrations, work on specialized social media campaigns, and other marketing materials. Primarily, I was tapped for my illustrative skills, but have been able to help with other basic graphic design needs, like photo editing, layouts, print, and packaging set-up.

Content Illustrating

Specialized Social campaigns

The challenge: Engage the audience by breaking up the social feed with an illustration. Clearly identify a product that is being promoted and the ingredients that are unique to that product. 

The outcome: By staying close to the look and feel of the brand I developed a whimsical illustration style that falls in between cute and editorial. We created a wide catalog of elements that could be replicated and expanded on to highlight promotions as well as specialty campaigns. These illustrations have been used on social media platforms as well as incorporated into print ads, tear pads, coupons, and as part of mailing packages.


Two Hands Paperie

Designing with a Stationary dynamo

When Make My Notebook was newly acquired in 2018, I was brought on as the primary designer to help the new owner make the company their own. Two Hands Paperie, the parent company, wanted to redefine the brands look as well as create new stationary products for retail sales. This has given me the chance to create and design everything from packaging, setting up documentation, screens for printing, cards, and other promotionl merchandise.


Truly there is nothing small about small business.

The challenge: Create a brand that redefines the "Make My Notebook" by creating new products and retuning the packaging. The brand should be playful but also lean into designs that have a hand-made/drawn feel to compliment the Two Hands name. 

The outcome: In constant evloution and with the keen eye of the woman-led and powered art director/owner the Two Hands Paperie company continues to reinvigorate the stationary scene in Boulder and beyond. Using my illustration skills and graphic design background we've developed over 30 new products and continue to evolve the packaging by designing using hand lettering, black ink, and paper-cuts are a keystone of the company's look and feel.

Examples of die cut stickers, icons and illustrated cards. For more items and examples you can visit and