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INDUSTRY x Creativity

Chinese Laundry

Graphic Designer | Email Marketing

I love fashion. It's weird, expressive, and always changing, which is why I  was so excited to get the opportunity to work in-house to help grow an iconic brand. The Cels brands needed fresh vision and creative thinking to be more competitive in the e-commerce space. Working alongside a visionary art director, I've been helping them evolve and trendcast designing email campaigns, catalogs, and website & and social content.

SMS Marketing

Experimental Design


Brookline Agency

Design + Email marketing

Every client's need are different. Some are looking for full-scale help with branding, while others are looking to tackle just one specific need. Brought on a contract basis to fill in some gaps while one of the lead designers took on other projects. Brookline, a full-service digital marketing agency works with a robust set of brands, email marketing is only one sect of their services, but a vital one. I was happy to take on the challenge and use my graphic design experience and my illustrative skills to keep the emails churning.

The challenge: Execute email designs for HUSH ANESTHETIC, Touch in SOL, OXYGENTIX, and other brands, keeping to their established brand guidelines.The outcome: Consistent creation of emails, some showcasing custom spot-illustrations to communitcate  the CTA for each campaign/automation.