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Have a project? Want to see a full portfolio? Have a question? Drop a line!
I am Lily, lead Designer here at Nolanfolk. Whether a project is small, large, editorial, digital, or illustrative, I am ready to help! I always prioritize understanding who the audience is and how the design fits into the larger ecosystem of that brand. Doing my best to focus on creating content that is driven by storytelling.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Moxy Hotels


Brookline Agency

Purely Elizabeth

Two Hands Paperie

Refactor U

Whoot Math

Maji Safi

Booyah Advertising

Emerson Stone

Studio III Marketing

Chinese Laundry


Types of Projects

Graphic Design
Brand Development

Social Engagment
Photo Editing
Gifs / animation
Content Creation

About me:

I am a proudly nerdy, fitness nut. I want to create positive change in my community and believe it is our moral responsibility to be a help, constantly learn, and be environmentally responsible.

As a graphic designer and content illustrator, my main prerogatives are: to design with intention, be productive, be communicative, and value feedback.


I strive to work with brands that are progressive and have a focus on sustainability and innovation. Take extra care to create designs that imbue values or the essence of a brand to attract and engage with potential clients/customers. Which I believe is instrumental for growth.

With a great appreciation for all things illustration, I have also been able to niche down, putting my hand to custom digitally illustrated graphics, products, icons, and social content.


My background in fine art and art history has been a large influence in my design career. I always take special care to apply what I've learned from designers that came before me.

Be Bold, Be Brassy, Stay Classy.

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