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I have been tapped to help out on many creative poster campaigns, in both digital and print. I specialize in color separation and risograph projects, always keen to work alongside my clients to create successful campaigns.

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Adobe Workshop 

Risograph Remix

During Comic Con SD 2023, I had the opportunity to connect with some of the creative staff at Adobe. As part of their student ambassador program, a division dedicated to providing learning experiences and skill-building for next-generation designers, I was asked to lead a risograph poster workshop. 

I created a layout for a collaborative project, incorporating elements students submitted. With some ingenuity, I was able to create a typographic and fun print. Later printing it in 4 colors in my risograph studio along with a bonus print.


Social Impact

As part of a "design for change" project in 2017, I was tasked with creating a three-piece print campaign around a social issue. As an avid proponent of conscious consumerism, I decided to base my campaign on fast fashion and the human, ecological impacts as well as encourage the alternatives, like thrifting, slow fashion, and mending.

The prints were going to be centered around fashion so i opted for a bold and editorial look. Leveraging familiar iconography around consumption. Bringing into focus the main by-line being "consume better fashion." Creating a unified theme around the practices of #slowfashion.​

Three posters were completed, using photoshop and illustrator. Two featured models and one was typographic, all unified by a bold san-serif and pink elements.

Over the course of the week-long poster campaign, I measured a rough 100 organic shares of the posters on social media and a 15% increase of the use #slowfashion over the one-week span. Although it's hard to know with certainty how much of that was contributed to the passive engagement of the posters, all the feed-back we sampled was promising that they made a significant impact. Moreso, it was extremely positive to see individuals pose and post their slow fashion goals with the posters serving as a backdrop. 


Social Media

Show Posters

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to connect with all sorts of different and unique organizations. Summer 2021, I was contacted by the Dirty Laundry Comedy, a standup showcase of young and diverse talent, based in Santa Barbara CA.

The group and the organizer were awesome. Looking for creative and diverse graphics to promote their show on Instagram and match with their Eventbrite page. The show itself showcases young, progressive, and rising talent on the stand-up scene, so I work with the organizer to create fun and playful graphics, utilzing my niche in illustration. 

I love working with this organization as they work to deliver laughs as well as host several benefit shows. Be sure to follow @dirtylaundrycomedyshow



DCC x RFU Coding

For The Denver Comic & Pop Culture Con 2015, I helped work on a creative poster project for a Boulder area coding/programming school; RefactorU. I helped set up a booth where I could distribute the posters/flyers, at the convention center. Creating a designated space where the RFU team could generate interest around their coding school in one of the most frequented and visited events in the Denver area.

The illustrative posters were to appeal within the arena of comic-con to amplify engagement. The concept reflected modern comics as a way to appeal to a broad audience with the novelty of the comic-book design. To amplify the campaign, we generated interest by setting up an info-station at the May 2015 Denver Pop-Culture Con in the "Maker Space." This area was designated to other makers, programs, and schools. By the end of the three-day event, all 400 11x17 flyers had been distributed. Ultimately these were distributed and used by RFU for about two quarters. The results reflected the goal, which was to increase lead generation and sign-ups.
Several follow-ups and email signups resulted from the "boots-on-the-ground" campaign. Bringing some momentum into the Summer Term.

Refactor U Coding School Poster Campaign, Printed Posters



Corporate Values

Working as part of an in-house creative team gave me a lot of invaluable skills. This tech company keenly focused on sustainable energy consumption, now known as Uplight, it was known as Tendirl Networks Inc. at the time. Working there, I gained a great amount of experience working within the brand and was able to help out with marketing and product design.

I was tasked to create a series of 12 posters that illustrated an inside joke that was specific to the organization connected to a particular corporate value badge. It was meant to spark conversation and build upon an intimacy each employee had with the company. The posters were to be simple and have a flat illustrative style to help create consistency.


Nazgul Music Video

This piece was created to celebrate the Nazgul release, a passion project of the creators of  Glorfindel. NAZGÛL is a rock opera of the LOTR story line is an epic retelling. Funny, charming and creative. Check out the music video is sure to delight.

Check out the video: Glorfindel - NAZGÛL

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