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"Let  them Draw" flash sheet

Nolan, L. (2024) Let Them Draw Flash Sheet,

Text reads, "Wands & Stripes is a club created to encourage practice lead community and bring some of the art back into art school. We encourage the interchange of ideas while working with our illustration skills, fostering cultural exchange, freedom and fun without the pressure of comparison, pretentiousness deadlines or assignments.

What makes you a good drawer? Practice! What can help develop your point of view? Feedback! How do you evolve as an artist? Community! 


​These were the thoughts behind a collaborative initiative spearheaded by myself and Mexico-based designer, Regina Aguerrebere.

Drawing Club

Created to Create

Starting in the winter of 2024, we launched Wands & Stripes Drawing Club. A London-based club where our fellow postgraduate and international colleagues could come, relax, and practice their skills in a modern atelier.

We are guided by our mission for the acquisition of skill and inclusion within an illustrative practice. We'll be curating shows, offsite visits, and holding court in SE London through June of 2024 as well as building #DTIYS and instagram lives through June of 2024. So be sure to connect with us via instagram and join in.


Over the initial launch of drawing club participants were able to chose to draw about curated topics, free draw, or work on projects. We provided scrap paper in varying sizes so participants are not limited to sketchbooks and to encourage them to release the idea of "preciousness' and 'pressure.' Featured here are images of the varying sessions and artworks created. 

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