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Curated recommendations, tips, to fuel your creativity!

I have been able to discover a ton of interesting and unique resources over my career and I want to share! Here's a collection of items, tips, and creative content thoughtfully curated.

This month, we're honoring womxn in the workplace by sharing some time savers and resources to help you build boundaries, puff your bank account, or feel good. Like most creatives, we have to be ready to adapt and find a community to grow. Read on or tap "Featured List" Be sure to sign up to my email list to be notified when a new one is posted. Want to see more? Check out our stacks 


Let's dive in.

Glow Up. 

For years i was freelancing to find work. Being at the mercy of clients, dry spells, and late nights and early mornings. I was all about that 100% hustle to find my next paycheck. So it was some surprise when that all had to change. I soon found myself in a 9-5 remote work position at an agency, having one steady paycheck, and no longer needing to look for commissions. Offering me time to remember other aspects of my brand.

It seems with the advent of instagram and TikTok have really forced our hands as creative business owners. Now we're not only creating art, we're forced to become digital marketers as well. Being a small business owner, means we're constantly having to adapt and rework our strategy. A couple of months ago, i had a come to Jesus moment with this. I was in the middle of rehearsals for a play, working at my new job at a large marketing agency, and I realized, I had a choice to make...I could either fall behind...throw in the towel, or have fun.

I chose the latter. Ever since, I've been playing, failing, and succeeding, trying different things as i figure out how I can reframe my business to support my shop and my personal art growth.



The Ebook


WAY BACK in the early stages of the pandemic, i decided (well more like the pandemic decided for me) I needed a way to support myself by giving my best to freelancing. I was, like a lot of people, working 3-4 jobs, to make one full-time paycheck. Since I couldn't work in person, I decided to double down on art as the way to go.

I did some research and discovered Taaryn Bench, a successful freelance designer who was offering some coaching. I sign up and got some great advice. She walked through my portfolio and explained that it was good practice to create wor for my ideal client, to niche down, and build a community. 


Her advice was invaluable and later landed me a job I enjoy, but what really helped me do was find a POV. Who was I as an artist, and whom was I designing for? Later, once I started working with more clients, her EBOOK help me begin to navigate the pros and cons of freelance. How to say no, how to charge, etc. There's step by step guides to how to deal with all the in's and outs of client work and how to build up a strong brand or portfolio.

For any freelancer, designer, female designer, or creative business, her EBOOK is the top and well worth the investment. 



Hate to break it to is here to stay. Social media like TikTok and Instgram are going to be your one-stop shop for free advertising...if you can keep it that way. So it's all about adapting. Focus on video on your account, try some reels, or TikTok and stick to these rules:
1) Be a good community member. Follow and comment on like-profile, and leave good comments. Interacting with the app and other profiles boosts your rankings.

2) Don't worry so much about trends. Mix it up when it comes to reels and TikTok. Try original audio, trending audio, and unique audios to help boost rankings.

3) No one's above advice! Invest in your business, and social media is part of that.

Elise Darma is a vetted content creator who is great at streamlining the posting process, with a number of different packages and a free workshop, she's worth checking out! I love her youtube channel and her advice has helped me a lot.

4) Most of all, give yourself time. Gowing a creative business is not easy and it's good to remember what you're doing is special, remarkable, and complex. Give yourself time, space, and breaks!

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