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Welcome to my studio! I specialize in illustration, content creation, marketing design, & risograph projects.  I've had the opportunity to work with several different organizations to make some ultra-fun things. Some noteworthy projects are...

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I'm Lily and this is my baby.

Nolanfolk is my studio. An homage to the bridge between craft and design, where eclectic and function work together to make engaging content. I am incredibly passionate about fandom, art, and sustainability, striving to work with and create projects that reflect that. Check out samples of my work, shop, see comics, and get in on all the good with my specialized resource lists, and artist interviews. Be sure to sign up on the email list.

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I love making new friends! Follow @nolanfolk to see even more of my work and behind the scenes. If your feed needs help, I specialize in short video, illustration, and post campaigns.

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