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In this list we're helping you find some products and services that you can feel good about. Ethical, sustainable, local! Virtue signal ready! Want more? Check out our  "Featured List" or Check out our stacks 

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Let's dive in.

Feel Good - Goods! 


With people on the run to get stocked for the winter, we have all been bombarded with choices on what to buy. But have you ever considered how to buy instead? Let's not forget the Amazon is actually a forest, not a warehouse.

I am here to convince you. Shopping sustainable is not only possible. It's a must! But there's no need to sacrafice style. Here's some great places to source your next purchase from:



Fresh w/ PrintFresh 


Print fresh has the print-game down. This female founded company has a strong sense of style and ethics. How? PrintFresh both designs and manufactures, the garmets! Meaning that the small team can really pay attention to where the cotton is grown, (oh did i mention these pajamas are 100% cotton) and how the garment is created is mroe controled and vetted. By creating small batch, crafted pieces, not resorting to mass scaled practices that could weigh on the enviorment and workers who create them. Bonus. Printfresh designs are incredibly body positive, so no matter what size you're rocking, it's gonna werk!

With everything from sleepwear sets, to men's pjs, slippers, tees, and more — Printfresh is a solid company to gift from. My favorite right now: The Antelopes Garden Sleep Shirt. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 3.39.50 PM.png

Photos via instagram, credit : @printfresh

Photos via company site, credit :


Photos via instagra,, credit  @diasporaco


Package Free WTB!
Package Free Shop is a need-to-know company. This online retailer strives to "mke the world less trashy" by creating a one-of-a-kind shop to find everythig from repurposed plastic bags, to convient reusable produce pouches, to totes. Working to get more sustainable packaging solutions in the hands of brands and indivduals. Fun, minimal designs make it a great modern idea for gifting and with a range of bundles, deals, and categories you can find things even when working within a budget.

Personally i love the Zero Waste Kits for a fun gift idea! But they also have balms, salves, shirts, swag, and tons inbetween!

Their attantion to their website makes it easy to narrow your search too. Whether you want veagan, plastic free, compostable, etc they have made it easy for you to find a solution!
Practical and sustainable, this could be a great idea for a new grad, hoeowner, or co-habitator. So stock up!


We share this Earth with our entire extended human and ecological family, so let’s be gracious.
Till next time!

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