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Image by Vitaly Otinov

Creative Inspo List

Curated recommendations, tips, and fun things to fuel your creativity!

24-7 Creativity is an impossible feat! There I said it! So sometimes you, as a freelance designer or artist, find yourself in need of some help. That's why I curated a set of resources that I use in my own freelance practice that helps me keep up with client projects. Check them out!

Let's dive in.

Looking for Inspiration?


As a creative, I struggle keeping up with projects and I phone it in from time to time. But, you can only coast for so long until it is time to reset and refresh. Here are some  sites that use when it comes time to make a new post, email-design, or mockup.


By now you've heard of Unsplash: the fee stock photo platform. Here you can find or post your own high-resolution photos. Which are Free. Free. Free. I was hooked as soon as I found them. This site offers up a great selection of photos designers can use for filling in gaps or making mockups. But, this website is my go-to when I am coming up with a new illustration or figuring out my next composition.

Looking, or using the search bar, I browse tons of photos looking for anything that might pique my interest, from there, I can use it as a reference photo for an illustration. BUT the best thing about Unsplash is that the photos are constantly being added and with contributors ranging from NASA to novices to professionals, you're sure to find an endless repository of angels, subjects, and styles.
Browse, use, download, share, or follow. Unsplash, won't disappoint or let you down if you need ideas for your next project. 

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Image by Elia Pellegrini

Photo via instagram, credit : @unsplash


Email Marketing Galor!


Milled is a search engine for email newsletters and I was originallt turned on to this by one or my managers for an email marketing firm I am pulled to do freelance work for. It blew my mind. Any ecommerce or online business person would tell you that their email list is mor eprecious than the gates of Petra. Why? Because the conversion rates on emails is still number one! So it's important that they look good!

Milled lets you browse and search sales, deals, coupons, and discount codes from thousands of retailers and brands. Allowing you to search by category. Perfect if your design for a specific product category or service! Brands can also submit to try to get featured on Milled, just like on Unsplash. But for my work, designing emails for clients, some of which end them out on the daily, it's perfect to get ideas from!

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Some Websites We Love.


If you google "creative ideas" you're going to find tons of blogs/sites/etc. As a firm believer in less is more. Here are three more creative blogs and platforms to help get your creative juices flowing and inspire new designs!

Hope this helps get you inspired, fired-up, and designing.

Image by Tim Mossholder

We share this Earth with our entire extended human and ecological family, so let’s be gracious.
Till next time!

Thank you @unsplash, @victionworkshop and @theoffbeatlife for the photos via Instagram. Not a sponsored post and the aforementioned are not directly associated with this website, this is an op ed.

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