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Musts for Wanderlust

Pack that mask & sanitizer...we're planning a trip.

Like most freelancers, I had been tied to one-or-two jobs for the last decade. This is partly why my trip, an actual vacation semi-solo, was so exciting. 


I was slated to go, taking off March 8th. The plans were made...the AirBnB’s booked...the airline tickets bought. (Check out Hopper).

But, Covid. Full stop.

Ultimately it was a good reality check and a chance to rethink my travel plans.

So, with my attitude checked at the baggage claim I reminded myself that travel is a privilege. And it's something no one should not take for granted, and "travel" itself can take many forms.

Whether you’re just day-dreaming, planning your itinerary, or already packing here's a few things to get you inspired for your next trip.

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Let's dive in.

Dreaming up that trip.


One discovery I made early last year was the amazing world and community of slow travel and digital nomads.

Before the necessary switch over to remote...well...remote everything, there were a ton of folks slaying-the day working and living as digital nomads. People working abroad or regionally, essentially slow-traveling while working. Um, goals-please.


This couldn’t be anymore well-crafted and documented than by Debbie of The Off Beat Life.

Her platform and podcast not only showcases and entertains us with stories of ex-lawyers turned surf-guides, she also has a ton of resources! This includes a masterclass on remote skills, a network of digital professionals, ways to monetize your podcast, and inspiration on how to figure out your next move.

Next up:

OffBeatLife Instagram.jpeg

Photo via instagram, credit : @theoffbeatlife


Next up:

Planning your Itinerary.

Listen up. Go off script and get off the web and go old-school. Find your go-to spot off-web, or even pre-plan a no-plan day. I have found some of the coolest things just by taking a day without my phone.


We all have to remember that search results have their weaknesses and sometimes it's good to tear away from the algorithmic reviews and try to find things a little more local.


As a google-alternative try these little city guides (yes actual printed material) that get real-local perspectives and updated info on some seriously cool places to check out in some of the world's raddest cities.

The CITIx60 City guides are so well curated and so visually fun, they’re worth the small investment. They feature pictures, illustrations, lists, recommendations, and all sorts of MAPS all unique to the city they showcase. When I was preparing for London, I got so many fun ideas from their London guide. I felt prepped and ready to go! The CITIx60 City Guides by viction:ary are a pocket-size MUST for any city trip.

Next up:

LA Viction_ary Guide Instgram.jpeg

Photo via instagram, credit : @victionworkshop

Instagram Feed Viction_ary.PNG
Viction_ary Guides.jpeg


For the responsible traveler

It's good to know there are costs to travel to it other than your plane ticket. We still have to be diligent when it comes to health: mask up and be conscious of personal space, no matter where you're going.


Also, as tourism starts turning on the “vacancy” light again, it’s good to refresh yourself on how you can make your trip as conservation-conscious as you can.

If you need to stock up on supplies, try thrifting, or borrowing from a friend/roommate. If you have to buy check out an eco-conscious retailor:

Image by Daniel Burka

You can also modify the way you travel to be more sustainable and responsible.


  • Steer clear of cruises. These carbon gushing mega-monsters are an ecological disaster. Responsible for millions of lbs of air pollution and tons of plastic waste.


If you’re craving a coastal vacation try instead of a big floating biohazard booking a more intimate stay/vacation rental and finding an eco-friendly guide or tour.


  • Break out that NALGENE covered in stickers...we’re thirsty! Refill your water bottle or mug. It’s shocking how much garbage you can create if you’re not paying attention. So skip the disposable straws, plastic bottles, coffee cups. Bring your own or ask for your beverage "for here." Vendors and baristas can often give you your drink in a ceramic mug or glass.

Pro-tip: When I traveling through the airport always have an empty bottle in my carry-on bag/purse. Once you’re through security fill it up! It’ll save me an expensive trip to the snack bar and limit garbage.


  • If you’re doing a traditional hotel thing, treat it like you’re staying at Grandma’s. Meaning, keep it tidy, tip your maids, and don’t refresh the towels/sheets/shampoos every day. You’re not the Queen after all!


Try staying boutique, or at VBRO, Houseswapping, or AirBnB


  • Limit your flights, travel by train/trekking if you’re skipping around, and pack light!


For more useful tips you can tell your friends about check out  World Nomads Top 10 Tip for Eco-Friendly Travel.


We share this Earth with our entire extended human and ecological family, so let’s be gracious.
Till next time!

Thank you @unsplash, @victionworkshop and @theoffbeatlife for the photos via Instagram. Not a sponsored post and the aforementioned are not directly associated with this website, this is an op ed.

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